Salted Tongue Roast

As a child, I remember my mom’s tongue roastTraditional Tongue Roast sandwiches – buttered slices of bread with succulent slices of tongue roast and a yum yum spread of mustard. It was simply divine to sit under a nice banyan tree overlooking the school playground digging my teeth into these sandwiches, which somehow seemed to disappear into my tummy very quickly.

Preparation Time : 3 days
Cooking Time : 45 minutes (2 hours resting time)
Portion : 8-10 portions
Beef tongue 1 no.
Sour Limes (cut into halves) 3 nos.
Salt Petre 1½ teaspoon
Salt To taste

Preparation Method:

1.           Wash the tongue. Place the tongue on a hot griddle and roast on low fire for sometime – this will help to remove it’s outer skin. Once the outer skin is roasted, remove from fire and scrape away the skin with a knife. Wash the tongue

2.          Heat a small pan over low heat. When hot, add the salt petre and salt. Roast for few minutes and leave aside to cool

3.          In a mortar and pestle, grind the salt petre mixture to a fine powder. Keep aside

4.         With a fork, poke the tongue all around – which will ensure that the marinade seeps inside the meat. Add in the salt petre mix and the lemon juice. Gently massage the mix into the tongue for at least 5 minutes

5.          Place the tongue in a stainless steel container and refrigerate for 3 days, ensuring that the tongue is turned in the marinade on a daily basis ensuring that the juices cover the tongue well

6.         After marinating the tongue for 3 days, place the tongue and the marination in  a pressure cooker. Add enough water to almost cover the tongue, and pressure cook for 45 minutes. Keep the pressure cooker aside to cool

7.          Refrigerate the tongue for 2 hours

8.         Remove from the refrigerator and slice the tongue as required.

·         In India, many states have banned the sale the beef. Buffalo tongue is an accepted alternative

·         When using the tongue as a main; skim the fat and reduce the liquid to make a sauce

·         Refrigerating the tongue after cooking helps in making it easier to slice the tongue.


·            Serve this plain as a starter – neatly arranged on a platter; or, as a side to a meal

·            Make tongue sandwiches: bread slices buttered and slathered with a dollop of mustard; with iceberg lettuce and thin slices of tomatoes

·            As a main, serve with potato mash/cauliflower cream, grilled tomatoes and tossed green beans/peas with a brown sauce.

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