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Boiled Egg Curry In Coconut Milk

This preparation takes me back to my childhood. There were various versions of the boiled egg curry that my mum and aunts used to cook. As kids, we used to like tossing the boiled egg around the plate; and then, trying to break them. Often, we would like to see how the small pieces of the yolk and the egg whites would change the colour and texture of the gravy.
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Prawn Head Curry

I can definitely understand if the non-vegetarians cringe with the thought of having prawn heads. I used to do that too. But then, once I chomped into a prawn head; there was no looking back.
For this recipe, I used the prawn heads that I saved from preparing an earlier dish. Trust me, this preparation was absolutely yummy. The heads not only add to the flavour of the curry; but also absorbs the spices. Total drool scenes.
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Drumstick Soup

While I came across this recipe purely by chance, I must say that I just loved it! Thinking about it all over again, I would love to work on variations of this absolutely delicious soup.
I know that drumstick is not considered by many as a classy vegetable to eat (as we have to chew the vegetable pieces and discard the fibre) but it is a very healthy food.
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The Egg & Cheese Sandwich (The Bash Mash Sandwich)

One day when I was had no time for breakfast at home, I quickly made a boiled egg sandwich to eat while travelling to work. Feeling that there was a lot that had to be improved, I went home that Slide9evening and tried my hand at improving the sandwich. The resultant sandwich was a hit when I took it to work for lunch the next day and shared it with my friend and colleague – Niraja Vernekar. She called it ‘The Bash Mash Sandwich’

Like they say, the rest is history. For a while, it was THE sandwich that I had to get as part of the office potluck.

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French Toast

Few hundred years ago, poor French families wanted to reuse their stale bread. They decided to soak their bread in a milk and egg mix and fry it, to make it easier to chew.

Today, French bread is quiet popular for breakfast. I French Toastremember sinking my teeth into this preparation as a kid and would look forward for the next time when it would be prepared at home. Today when I make French Toast, I either make it plain, or I twist it. Few options are to have it with a Honey Compound Butter, or sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar; or drizzle it with honey and then top it with almond slivers. YUM!!!

As a celebratory breakfast, I usually cut the bread slices into 1 inch thick slices and then fry it. It looks more dainty when arranged on a platter…..and sprinkle it with icing sugar.

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Corn-On-The-Cob With Coconut Curry Butter

Corn-On-The-Cob can be had in many different ways. This Caribbean recipe has a very interesting taste which grows on you. The secret is to get the really soft part of the tender coconut (which almost falls off your in your hands) for the butter.

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Corn-On-The-Cob With Coconut Curry Butter

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Dal Gosht

With the Mughals settling down in India, they were exposed to lentils being served as a gravy (rather than the salads that they were used to). Dal Gosht is a mix of the lentils Dal Gosht(the Indian dal) and the lamb stew (Mughal origin: gosht). It is said that the poorer families mixed in lentils into the lamb stew to increase volume of the dish.

The recipe that I have shared has an East-Indian influence due to the addition of the East Indian Bottle Masala.

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