Steamed Corn: Cheese, Lime & Chilli

During the monsoons, there are a lot of corn kernels that are available in packets in the market. While it rains heavily and the weather is cool, is very comforting to sit with a nice bowl of hot corn kernels. The problem is, a bowl may not be enough.

My nephew (Samson Sequeira) loves eating Steamed Corn. He prefers them in 3 flavours: Salt & Pepper, Butter; and Cheese. In this recipe, I have flavoured the corn kernels with lime and chilli to give it an Indian twist.

Preparation Time : 20 minutes
Cooking Time : 5 minutes
Portion : 4 portions
Corn Kernels 4 cups
Grated Cheese ½ cup
Lime Juice ¼ cup
Red Chilli Powder (optional) 2 teaspoons
Coriander Leaves (finely chopped) 1 tablespoon
Freshly Crushed Black Peppercorns To taste
Salt To taste

Preparation Method:

1.           Add the corn kernels in a pressure cooker, pour in 1 cup water; and cook for 3-4 whistles

2.          Drain and keep the kernels aside in a bowl

3.          Add the grated cheese, chopped coriander leaves, lime juice and red chilli powder to the kernels. Season the corn kernels. Mix well

4.         Serve immediately.

·         If using corn-on-the cob, then pressure cook the cobs (as in Step 1); and remove the kernels with a knife

·         I usually don’t thrown the corn kernel water (from Step 2). I reserve it to use in cooking: whether it is for making pulao and adding to a curry to enhancing the flavour.

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