A salad is a dish consisting of small pieces of food mixed with a dressing. Salads can include a host of foods like grains, eggs, vegetables, meats, fruits and cheese. The liquid used to flavour the salad is known as a dressing.

Salads can be served warm or cold. It is a versatile preparation as they can be served as an appetiser (usually light and can be used to stimulate the appetite), as a side dish (to accompany the main dish), as a main course (which is a heartier affair with a substantial serving of meat or vegetable); or, as a dessert (often containing fruit and/or whipped cream).


Asian Green Squid Salad

Chicken & Lychee Salad

Chicken Salad In Honey-Mayonnaise Dressing

Pear, Ham & Lettuce Salad

Prawn Salad In Grapefruit Dressing

Prawns With Basil, Garlic & Tomatoes

Radish & Carrot Salad, With Tuna & Capers

The Fully Loaded Iceberg Lettuce Wedge Salad

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