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The story that Marco Polo in the late 1200s brought in noodles from his China trip to Italy and thereby giving birth to the pasta in Italy, is just that – a story. There is no connection whatsoever about noodles being brought into Italy. In fact, it has been documented that pasta was being used in Italy as early as 1AD.

There are many types of pasta in Italy, and India is slowly opening up to the various varieties in shapes. Most stores tend to stock on Spaghetti, Tagliatelle and Macaroni; and varieties such as Rigatoni, Gemelli and Conchiglioni are slowly making inroads onto departmental store shelves.

The main reason why I have clubbed noodles and pastas together is purely because they are similar – even though their cooking styles are poles apart.



Penne Caponata – 1 / Pomodore e Melanzane Penne (Tomato & Aubergine Penne)

Penne Caponata – 2 / Pomodore e Melanzane Penne (Tomato & Aubergine Penne)

Spaghetti Al Pesto



Fettuccine In A Creamy Alfredo Clam Sauce

Spaghetti Aragosta (Lobster Spaghetti)

Spaghetti Alle Vongole



Pollo Salsicca Fusilli A Bloody Mary Salsa (Chicken Sausage Fusilli In Bloody Mary Sauce)



Conchiglie Con Chorizo E​e Cipolle (Conchiglie With Chorizo And Onions)

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