In the French classical menu, this is the course known as Hors d’œuvre and is usually served at the beginning of a meal. This is typically smaller than the main dish and most of the times can be eaten by hand, or with minimal use of cutlery. The main purpose of this part of the meal is also to whet the appetite and set a course for the meal ahead.

While I have categorised some dishes here, inspirations for a dish/recipe as a starter could be derived from a main course; or, also from snacks.



Mushroom Tapenade

Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers With Cheese & Parsi Carrot-Raisin Pickle

Stuffed Papad Rolls: Potatoes & Cheese

Caponata Su Bruschetta (Caponata On Bruschetta)



Mini Prawn Sesame Toast with Coriander-Chilli Sauce

Salt & Pepper Squid



Jamón Y Queso Croquetas (Ham & Cheese Croquettes)

Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers With Cheese & Bacon


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