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My name is Subash Sequeira. UttaraI live in Thane – a growing city located on the outskirts of Mumbai (Bombay).

Ever since I was a kid, I remember being excited whenever I would go to other peoples’ home and eat their food. The first time I learnt of a preparation, was when I was about 10 years attending a party and the ladies were discussing the best way to make Aloo Parathas. I was mesmerised. I never realised that there were so many factors that had to come together in the right manner to prepare a dish.

My dad encouraged me to make an omelette around that time. This would end up being a Sunday routine. My mother was indifferent, but I would read recipes and look at photographs of dishes and wonder how interesting it would be to always cook and eat food from across the globe.

I did my Hotel Management (not to learn cooking, but to become an inflight crew member) and during my 3 years of studies, I learnt a lot. I ended up cooking well – albeit being a little eccentric in the kitchen.

Today, my love affair with food continues. ‘What to eat’ is always a big part of my life. I plan what to cook on a weekly basis – with calendar reminders, and whenever I travel, where to eat is part of the itinerary. I am a non-vegetarian. I love my meat dishes. At the same time, I love a good vegetarian whenever it is cooked well – without masking the original flavour of the produce.

Besides food, I am a training professional. Having specialised in customer service, I have worked on assignments across industries in India and abroad. I have also handled business migrations, start-up projects and assignments on quality. Am a certified voice & accent trainer and have created modules for companies on American, British, Canadian and Singaporean cultures.

Also being an avid traveller, I hope one day to travel to all countries. During my travels, I prefer unravelling the local culture and covering most of what’s on the ‘Must Do’ list.

Being curious, I keep researching all doubts and questions. This has contributed to a lot of information being stored in my head – though most of it may have been pushed into the subconscious J I hope that because/through this website, you are able to generate an even more interest into the world of culinary magic!

Happy discovery.

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