Goan-Style Fish Curry With Lady Fingers

Now, we all swoon over the taste of a good Goan Fish Curry. What Goan-Style Fish Curry with Lady Fingerswe may not know, is that Goans tend to pair their fish curry with vegetables: lady fingers or white pumpkin with prawns, and cauliflower or potatoes with others. I have tweaked the lady fingers here to be added at the end – after being fried crisp!

Goan-Style Fish Curry with Lady Fingers

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Pomfret With Orange Marmalade Sauce

Many years ago, I happened to try a grilled fish preparation with an orange marmalade sauce. I liked the taste and decided to try and create something on similarPomfret With Orange Marmalade Sauce lines when I bought a lot of fish home from the Masjid Fish Market in Bombay. This is my attempt at replicating that dish. It is not just sweet, but is also savoury with a hint of spice.

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Flavoured Water

During summer, I like to make a jug of flavoured water which is Summer Flavoured Waterrefreshing and cooling. While I have seen lemon or mint being put in water jugs in restaurants, I always see this flavoured water being used at my friends’ (the Jaiswals) place during summers. Try it!

I slice cucumbers (about 1/2 cm thick. Alternatively, they could be sliced lengthwise in quarters), lemon/lime slices and mint sprigs. Add these to a jug, add water and leave aside for atleast 4 hours (recommended to leave this overnight). Then, enjoy!