Chicken & Lychee Salad

I recommend that you try this recipe. It is juicy, it is healthy’ish, it is crispy and it is fresh! The Chicken & Lychee Saladsalad has a sweet, slightly tangy and a herby flavour. Trust me, using a succulent chicken with the lychees and the lavache (or, alternatively you can use fried wonton wrappers) is just awesome- very moreish.

While using fresh lychees are the best, canned lychees are also acceptable.

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The Egg & Cheese Sandwich (The Bash Mash Sandwich)

One day when I was had no time for breakfast at home, I quickly made a boiled egg sandwich to eat while travelling to work. Feeling that there was a lot that had to be improved, I went home that Slide9evening and tried my hand at improving the sandwich. The resultant sandwich was a hit when I took it to work for lunch the next day and shared it with my friend and colleague – Niraja Vernekar. She called it ‘The Bash Mash Sandwich’

Like they say, the rest is history. For a while, it was THE sandwich that I had to get as part of the office potluck.

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Tongue Roast

Tongue Roast is something that I would have in sandwiches as a child. I remember my mum making tongue roast and my parent’s friends enjoying it. Today, I make the roasts and my friends love Traditional Tongue Roasteating the sandwiches.

With the embargo on the sale of beef in many states in India, I use buffalo tongue.

This recipe is the simple version with few ingredients which highlights the flavour of the meat. Leaving all mental blocks asides, a blind tasting will show that this meat for a sandwich is absolutely yummy. Just remember to prick the meat with a fork for the marination to happen well.

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